Announcement from an Elephant of Kettering Member

I received the following news from Chris Chun, member of The Elephant of Kettering blog:

He has finally submitted his PhD dissertation (260 pages). The thesis is entitled: “The Greatest Instruction Received from Human Writings: The Legacy of Jonathan Edwards in the Theology of Andrew Fuller.” The only thing left is the oral defense (viva) of his thesis, which is scheduled in June of 2008. To add to this great news, he has been appointed professor of Church History at Golden Gate Theological Seminary in San Francisco, CA.

Many congratulations to this excellent up and coming Church historian and Fuller lover!


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2 responses to “Announcement from an Elephant of Kettering Member

  1. Congratulations Chris! I’m excited to hear about your thesis and your new post.

  2. chrisschun

    Thanks, Steve and Allen!
    ’Tis good to be done. I am indeed humbled by God’s grace and His faithful provision for the our family. We are planning leave Scotland in mid July, and I will commence my teaching in August.

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