Does your Library Subscribe to Eusebeia?

Does your library subscribe to Eusebeia? If not, they should! We are sending a complimentary copy of Issue 8 of the journal to a number of libraries with the hope of their subscription. If your library does not subscribe, please encourage them to do so! $20 USD in North America and $30 USD outside North America. They can subscribe through EBSCO or directly through the journal. Subscriptions can be sent directly to:

The Andrew Fuller Center for Baptist Studies
C/O The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
2825 Lexington Road
Louisville, KY 40280

Help promote Eusebeia in any way you can! Look forward to Issue 9 which should be dedicated to the Puritans and Issue 10 to 17th Century English Baptists.

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One response to “Does your Library Subscribe to Eusebeia?

  1. Chris

    Greetings Allen,

    I have passed this on to our seminary librarian. Have you considered submitting Eusebia to the Libronix-based Theological Journals Library? I don’t believe that there is much (if any) royalty to be had. But I do know that the Reformed Baptist Theological Review (RBTR) has acheived a greater profile for itself by submitting its content to it. You can see the product here: – the head of the project is Hampton Keathley, and you can find his contact information on the site. If you need his email address I can provide it for you.
    Virtually all the seminary students at our seminary use this resource regularly and many buy the yearly updates.
    In Him,

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