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New Issue of Eusebeia

Issue 8 of Eusebeia: The Bulletin of the Andrew Fuller Center for Baptist Studies is currently at the printer and due out for mailing shortly. This issue is dedicated to the Cappadocians and should not be missed. First, the editorial by Dr. Haykin is titled “Why Study the Fathers?” and is an important piece to get our hearts and minds stimulated to understanding the early church. Then the articles are as follows:

“Benefiting from the Fathers–A Test Case: Basil of Caesarea on Abortion” by Michael A. G. Haykin

“The Spirit “Worshipped and Glorified” as the Perfecting Cause of our Worship in Basil of Caesarea’s De Spiritu Sancto” by Dennis Ngien

“‘The Fourth Great Cappadocian’: The Life of Amphilochus of Iconium” by Monte Shanks

“Macarius the Augustinian: Grace and Salvation in the Spiritual Homilies of Marcarius-Symeon” by David Roach

“Simplicity and Trinity in Harmony” by Keith Goad

This is followed by a number of book reviews.

Individual issues are $10 within North America and $15 outside of North America. Subscriptions to the journal are available yearly for $20 in North America and $30 outside of North America (in US funds).

Please send requests and money to:

The Andrew Fuller Center for Baptist Studies
2825 Lexington Road
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