Andrew Fuller the Reader Conference Details

For all of you have been waiting with baited breath for details about the up-coming Andrew Fuller the Reader Conference at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary on August 27-28, 2007 here you go!

Please go here to download a copy of the brochure which now has all the up-to-date information regarding speakers, times, registration, and costs!

Here is the newly revised schedule:

Monday, August 27

7:30-9:15 am Breakfast & Registration

9:30 am Michael Haykin (Toronto Baptist Seminary)
Andrew Fuller the theological reader

11:00 am Jeff Jue (Westminster Theological Seminary)
Andrew Fuller: heir of the Reformation

12:30 pm Lunch

2:00 – 2:40pm Parallel sessions

a. Michael McMullen (Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary)
Editing Andrew Fuller’s diary

b. Barry Howson (Heritage College, Cambridge, ON)
Andrew Fuller and his reading of John Gill

c. Allen Mickle (University of Wales, PhD student)
Andrew Fuller and the Johnsonians: early theological reading

2:50-3:30 pm – Parallel sessions

d. Paul Brewster (Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary Ph.D. student)
Andrew Fuller as a pastor-theologian

e. Nigel Wheeler (Pretoria University Ph.D. student)
Andrew Fuller’s ordination sermons

f. Chris Chun (St.Andrews University Ph.D. student)
Andrew Fuller and the sense of the heart

6:00 pm Dinner

7:30 pm Russell Moore (Vice-President, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary)
Banquet speaker
The contemporary significance of Andrew Fuller

Tuesday, August 28

7:30-8:30 am Breakfast

9:00 am Carl Trueman (Westminster Theological Seminary)
John Owen’s influence on Andrew Fuller

10:30 am Tom Nettles (The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary)
Jonathan Edwards — theological mentor to Andrew Fuller

12:00pm A closing word


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9 responses to “Andrew Fuller the Reader Conference Details

  1. Steve Weaver

    I’m looking forward to this. Thanks for posting the updated information!`

  2. Allen R. Mickle, Jr.


    Me too! I think this is going to be a fantastic conference. Looking forward to seeing you there!


  3. dwm III


    Thanks for the update. I’m going to try and be there, but I can’t make any promises.


  4. Allen R. Mickle, Jr.


    Hope to see you there!


  5. Ian

    Thought you guys might be interested on the reflection paper I did on “Armies of the Lamb.”

  6. Allen R. Mickle, Jr.


    Thanks for this! I too have been moved by Fuller’s letters. I read them before I go to sleep as part of my “devotional” time. They are truly challenging and a blessing.

    You may be interested in a little 4 part series that Steve Weaver did on here.

  7. Ian

    Thanks Al, I did see those posts. Steve’s a great writer.
    My appreciation for Fuller grew after reading the letters. And that is after I had read Offering Christ to the World and At the Pure Fountain of Thy Word (which are both excellent)!

  8. Sibyl Phillips

    You may be interested to know about my book which contains research into the local history of Andrew Fuller, John Sutcliff and William Carey. From your post title, it is clear that you are sensitive to the fact that they were all closely connected with Northamptonshire, but of course Fuller`s influence was also significant at Olney (Buckinghamshire) in the time of John Sutcliff, William Carey and John Newton.

    For further information about me, my credentials and my book `Glorious Hope: women and Evangelical religion in Kent and Northamptonshire, 1800-1850`, please visit my website:

    and my blog:

    Church and chapel people, 18th and 19th centuries

    You will see that one chapter of my book concerns a young lacemaker
    and hymn writer from Hackleton, Northamptonshire. In this I deal with Carey`s conversion and his local connection with Hackleton Baptist Church. I have discovered and delved into primary sources about local Particular Baptists never before used for research.

    I shall be pleased to hear that you are interested.

    Sibyl Phillips

  9. Allen R. Mickle, Jr.

    Miss Phillips,

    Yes, your book does look quite interesting. Would you consider sending us a review copy for possible review in The Gospel Witness or Eusebeia: The Bulletin of the Andrew Fuller Center for Baptist Studies.

    Thank you!

    Allen Mickle

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