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Andrew Fuller The Reader (A Conference of the Andrew Fuller Works Project)

To whet your appetite for the up-coming Andrew Fuller conference being held at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, I thought I would post the itinerary for the conference! When you see the line up of speakers and subjects you’ll have to attend!

August 27, 2007

7:30-9:15AM – Breakfast and Registration

9:30AM – Michael Haykin (Toronto Baptist Seminary)

Andrew Fuller the Theological Reader

11:00AM – Jeff Jue (Westminster Theological Seminary)

Andrew Fuller: Heir of the Reformation

12:30 PM – Lunch

2:00-2:40PM – Parallel Sessions:

Michael McMullen (Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary)

Editing Andrew Fuller’s Diary

Paul Brewster (Ph.D. Student, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary)

Andrew Fuller as a Pastor-Theologian

2:50-3:30PM – Parallel Sessions:

Barry Howson (Heritage College, Cambridge, ON)

Andrew Fuller and his Reading of John Gill

Nigel Wheeler (Ph.D. Student, PretoriaUniversity)

Andrew Fuller’s Ordination Sermons

6:00PM – Dinner

7:30PM – Russ Moore (Southern Baptist Theological Seminary)

The Contemporary Significance of Andrew Fuller

August 28, 2007

7:30-8:30AM – Breakfast

9:00AM – Carl Trueman (Westminster Theological Seminary)

John Owen’s Influence on Andrew Fuller

10:30AM – Tom Nettles (Southern Baptist Theological Seminary)

Jonathan Edwards – Theological Mentor to Andrew Fuller

12:00PM – Closing Words


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William Carey, Andrew Fuller, and the SBC’s Foreign Mission Board

I am taking a doctoral seminar this semester in the History of Southern Baptist Foreign Missions, 1845-1945. It is one of the last two I am taking before I finish with my coursework and take comprehensive exams (the other seminar is in Post-Nicene Christian Theology). Lord willing, I will be working on my dissertation “full-time” by June.

For the paper in the missions seminar, I am looking at how the SBC’s Foreign Mission Board (now International Mission Board) used William Carey in it’s periodical literature from 1846-1900. So far, I have identified a number of different uses. Sometimes Carey was used as a role model. This typically entails something along the lines of “and just like Carey left the friendly confines of England to work among the heathen of India, so should you be willing to leave our southern Zion and serve God through foreign missions.”

Sometimes Carey was used for educational/inspirational purposes. At least once every other year or so a basic biography of Carey will be recounted in one of the FMB’s three periodicals.

Sometimes the emphasis was more on Krishna Pal than Carey himself, often in the context of showing what happens when missionaries are successful in their preaching of the gospel. Carey’s other accomplishments are also mentioned in this context, but none carry the “magic” of a first convert who goes on to preach the gospel himself.

Many times Carey is mentioned in conjunction with Andrew Fuller (see–this post is appropriate for the blog!), typically in an article recounting the founding of the Baptist Missionary Society and/or the beginning of a missionary movement among Baptists. In this context, Fuller is naturally put forth as a role model for all the Southern Baptists who remain in the USA “holding the ropes” for missionaries through their giving and their prayers.

American Baptists in general (and Southern Baptists in particular) saw their missionary endeavors as a continuation of what was begun by Carey, Fuller, and company. For Southern Baptists at least, these men (and especially Carey) were used in promotional and inspirational literature even more than Adoniram Judson, the first missionary from America (and himself a Baptist). I will try to keep you updated with where the research and final paper eventually take me.

Oh, and if you are wondering, Andrew Fuller is mentioned at least 22 times in FMB journals between 1846-1900. Carey is mentioned around 180 times. In many ways, they were the “poster boys” for Southern Baptist foreign missions.

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Best Price on 3 Volume Works of Andrew Fuller

For those of you whose interest in Andrew Fuller has been piqued by John Piper’s address at the Desiring God Pastor’s Conference (which, by the way, is now available in video), the cheapest price on the internet for the 3 volume “Complete Works of Andrew Fuller” is available at Cumberland Valley Bible Book Service. While Piper in his lecture mentions the cost as being $120.00, you can obtain the Sprinkle hardback set for only $66.99 (plus shipping).

This bargain set should hold you over until the definitive critical edition of Fuller’s Works are published in the coming months. The first volume in that set is available for pre-order at for only $13.59 (retail price $19.99).

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Annual Andrew Fuller Centre for Reformed Evangelicalism Lectures

Dr. Mark Coppenger will be presenting the annual Andrew Fuller Centre for Reformed Evangelicalism Lectures (formerly the Jonathan Edwards Centre for Evangelical Spirituality) under the auspices of Toronto Baptist Seminary (you can see the brochure here).

The lectures will be held Saturday, June 2, 2007 at 9:30 AM (location still to be determined).

Dr. Mark Coppenger (Ph.D. Vanderbilt University); M.Div. Southwestern Seminary) is pastor of Evanston Baptist Church, an apologetics professor at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, and managing editor of Kairos Journal, an online resource for preaching.

More details will be following soon.

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John Piper on Andrew Fuller

I’ve been looking forward to this lecture ever since I heard that Piper was going to do it this year! It is now available for MP3 download. It is John Piper’s lecture on Andrew Fuller titled “Holy Faith, Worthy Gospel, World Vision: Andrew Fuller’s Broadsides Against Sandemanianism, Hyper-Calvinism, and Global Unbelief.” The manuscript is available online by clicking here.

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