C. H. Spurgeon on Andrew Fuller

It is often said that Spurgeon commented on Fuller by saying something to the extent that “he was the greatest theologian of his century.” Does anyone know where Spurgeon said that (i.e. a bibliographic citation)? It is often said in passing and I am curious as to the context in which Spurgeon made that comment.


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2 responses to “C. H. Spurgeon on Andrew Fuller

  1. Steve Weaver

    In Dr. Haykin’s class notes, he quotes from the following source where this quote is cited. Gilbert Laws, Andrew Fuller: Pastor, Theologian, Ropeholder (London: Carey Press, 1942), 127. I’m not sure if Laws cites the source, but that may be a good place to start.

  2. Allen R. Mickle, Jr.


    Thanks. I don’t own the book yet (I’ve been trying to track down a used copy of it) but my alma mater has it in their library so I’ll make sure I check it out the next time I’m over there!


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